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LinkedIn with Louise

Sep 16, 2022

LinkedIn are introducing MORE new features - pinning comments is currently being rolled out.  How can you use this to help your business?

We are currently looking for our next amazing client - could it be yoru company?  If you have a team of five or more, work in B2B commerce or professional services such as legal,...

Aug 31, 2022

Hannah Smolinski is a CPA and the founder of Clara CFO Group, a virtual CFO agency providing small businesses with financial clarity and profit maximization strategies. Her experience working for one of the world’s largest accounting firms inspired her to make corporate expertise accessible to small business...

Aug 3, 2022

Carol Wheeler is a leadership coach and Strengthsfinder expert.   We discuss her growing business, and how Carol is leveraging video on LinkedIn to great success - both with her local network and in attracting new clients. 

Check out this video on YouTube for more help with getting started on video on LinkedIn

Jul 6, 2022

Ashley Leeds is the 15 minute man on LinkedIn.   We discuss his background in sales,  how he shares content ideas for LinkedIn and find out how his business grew from spending time helping his network on LinkedIn.

Want to uplevel your own LinkedIn?


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Jun 22, 2022

LinkedIn have brought a new reaction on board!  Its sort of blue like a smurf.... but laughing like a comic.   I am going to be using it as a smile emoji I think - the blue like is just not really cutting it!

Our podcast journey is transitioning a little - I am going to start hosting guests for interviews - am excited...