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LinkedIn with Louise

Dec 23, 2019

This week I talk to Alex Curtis of the Lead Engine Podcast.  Alex is an expert on creating leads through paid advertising online - and has niched down to work with businesses in the Financial Services industry.  

We discuss how Alex found his niche,  how he helps his clients, and we walk through a great example of how...

Dec 17, 2019

Geraldine Carter is the host of the Podcast: Epic Business Growth for CPAs – we have a great conversation about how Geraldine can use LinkedIn to connect with her ideal client.   We cover how and why Geraldine should create a LinkedIn company page, and how to create content and posts that attract new customers and...

Dec 9, 2019

While LinkedIn posts and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters, LinkedIn articles can be up to 125,000 characters in length, which gives you more opportunity to showcase your expertise and knowledge. Writing articles is also a great way to start conversations and raise your visibility on the platform.

In this...

Dec 2, 2019

When is the last time you updated your CV?
Is it worth getting your CV professionally written?
How is your LinkedIn profile different from your CV?

This week on the podcast, I interview CV writing expert Laura Harmsworth. With a degree in
geography and a career path that’s surprisingly similar to mine, Laura set up...

Nov 25, 2019

How to use LinkedIn to get more leads and sales with Janine Coombes 

How can you use LinkedIn to get more leads and sales? 

Do you know what type of content works specifically for your business and your audience? 

This week on the podcast, I interview small business marketing manager Janine Coombes. Janine helps...