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Link in with Louise

Feb 26, 2020

Do you sell online courses? Perhaps you’re running a challenge or offering a free PDF or a webinar to encourage people to sign up for your membership? 

Are you interested in finding out how you can replace your existing funnels with ‘conversational selling’ and increase your digital sales?

This week on the...

Feb 19, 2020

Traci Baxley joins me for an on-air coaching call on how to 'jump back in' to LinkedIn following a change of direction with her business.  Traci is a Life Coach for Moms,  supporting women who are chasing the elusive “balance” instead of choosing harmony and grace to guide their lives. Traci helps moms move...

Feb 14, 2020

Last week, while working with a client on their Linkedin strategy, we had a chat about whether or not LinkedIn Premium was worth investing in.. 

I currently DO have LinkedIn Premium and have had it for about six months.  I am not sure if I want to keep it o – but I do find it useful to see who has been looking at...

Feb 5, 2020

How do you use LinkedIn for business?

Did you know you can have a personal profile and then create a company page even if you are the sole member of your business?

Find out why I suggest you have both!

IF you would like help creating either your personal profile, or a company page, please reach out for a chat.   Contact...