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LinkedIn with Louise

Feb 24, 2021

Have you ever had the following happen?

Someone sends you a connection request on LinkedIn with no message and you have no idea who they are, or why they want to connect with you.

Someone connects with you on LinkedIn and as soon as you accept their connection request, they send you a sales message. Or an automated...

Feb 17, 2021

Angela Pitter from Boston is the owner of  Live Wire Collaborative. As a digital marketing strategist and advisor Angela works with small to mid sized businesses to help them unleash the power of social media. She aims to help them to connect, collaborate and convert their target communities on whichever social media...

Feb 10, 2021

Be honest...

When did you last even look at your LinkedIn profile?
Do you still have skills on there from the job you did ten years ago?

Have you updated your headline in the last year?

How do you know what bits to update and what to leave alone?

Are you leaving money on the table because your ideal client...

Feb 3, 2021

How do you know if you are ready to invest in a coach or consultant for LinkedIn?

When you are struggling with what to say, how to use LinkedIn and need some accountability and support, maybe it is time to think about hiring a coach.

Six benefits to hiring a coach or consultant to help you with your LinkedIn this...