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LinkedIn with Louise

Sep 8, 2021

I love to cook.   Preferably from scratch.  My favourite things to cook are usually vegetarian, often with an Asian flavour - think curries, stir fries but also a good old lasagne or even a roast chicken dinner.


We don’t always have time to cook from scratch though.   During a busy mid week, you can find us digging around the freezer and pulling out the old reliable chips and fish fingers with a side of baked beans. 


At the weekend, we might get a takeaway ordered in.   More often than not, it’s a pre-made M&S thai or chinese ready meal selection.   Some gyozas to start followed by King Prawn bhuna with a side of naan.


My neighbours get the delivery box from a well known brand full of the exact ingredients to cook with a recipe.  IT seems to cost a little more, but there’s no having to think about it, and they are still getting fresh ingredients.


Which of these are you?


Fast food fan

Cooking from scratch

Frozen ingredients 

Ready made meals

Delivery box with recipes

Eating out all the time/Deliveroo’s best customer


What has this got to do with LinkedIn I hear you say.


Let’s look at your eating habits and compare them to your LinkedIn content creation habits. 


Here’s how I see the comparison


The fast food fan - quick and convenient but not usually that good for you


You are posting on LinkedIn when you have time,  throwing up content when you can without really thinking about the long term impact (don’t sue me fast food fans ;)

There is not much of a strategy involved. 


Cooking from scratch

You want to learn how to use LinkedIn yourself and spend time working out the right steps - from getting your profile optimised to studying YouTube videos on what, when and how to post.  You are getting great results from your efforts and you have the time to invest in doing this yourself.   The content you are sharing is thoughtful,  engaging and winning you clients.  The time you take is worth the reward. 


If you wanted a guide to help keep you on the right track, our content planning and monthly support could be just the right recipe for you.  We’ll help you get your content planned out - understanding what content buckets will work and I am on hand to guide you and answer your questions throughout the month.   Just like Alexa, your favourite cook book or YouTube cooking channel! 


Frozen Ingredients 

You have an idea of what you want to share on LinkedIn, and can dip into your ‘freezer’ box when you need - you don’t spend a huge amount of time - its more of a tick the box exercise for you.   Some days can be ‘healthier’ than others.  The content could be a bit bland if you are honest. 


Ready Made Meals

You have someone else take care of this.  All you have to do is grab and go.   Someone has taken their expertise and knowledge, weighed it all out carefully and provided you with the content you need to get the job done. Like the standard of ready meals out there, you get what you pay for.  That 99 pence microwave burger vs the local farm shop pre-made lasagne dish?  Incomparable.   In terms of your LinkedIn content, yes you can pay someone £100 a month to schedule a daily post across your social media channels - but you can also invest a little more to get high quality content, from an expert that doesn’t leave you feeling a bit dissatisfied.


Delivery boxes with recipes.

You’ve probably seen these - there are offers all over Facebook for them.   Pay a little more and get bespoke recipes and recommendations tailored to your family.    Delivered to your door so all you have to do it put them together.

In terms of LinkedIn done-for-you service, we work with you to get the right recipe that works for your business.   CArefully curated with team expertise, and delivered to you at the agreed date and time.  All you have to do is post the content on your own LinkedIn.  Sounds appealing doesn’t it?


You eat out all the time - maybe you have a private chef!


So if the budget is no issue, what would we all do?  Unless you are passionate about cooking for yourself, wouldn’t it be fabulous to just turn up to the table and have a delicious, tailored meal presented in front of you?   With the right vitamins, minerals and one that leaves you feeling energized and ready to get on with your day?


It would be my honour to be your private LinkedIn support.  My team can write your articles, posts, even post to your Company Page for you and work with your own assistants or team if you are too busy.  


To find out more about how to work with us, please reach out to or message me on LinkedIn.  


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