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Link in with Louise

Jan 22, 2020

Ep 114  

Using LinkedIn to promote your event with Lean In regional leader Nicola McGuinness  

Are you organising an event or a conference? Did you know you can now create events and raise awareness about your event on LinkedIn?  

This week on the podcast, I interview Nicola McGuinness, who is the Policy Research and Information Project Manager for Inter Trade Ireland and the founder and regional leader of the Lean In Newry Network, which currently has 220 members.  

In the first half of this episode, Nicola and I talk about the Lean In network, which supports women to achieve their potential through an inclusive, diverse, and confidential support network. Nicola regularly holds training and facilitates networking sessions, but this year she’s also organising a conference called Gender Equality is Everyone’s Business on Friday, the 6th March 2020.  

So in the second part of the podcast episode, I give Nicola some tips around how to promote her conference and raise more awareness and create a buzz around her Lean In circle. So if you run events and want to find out more about this undervalued and underused LinkedIn feature, tune in to find out more! 

You will learn… 

  1. How and why you should create an event on LinkedIn to promote your upcoming event 
  1. Why you should invite your network to start having conversations in the event section on LinkedIn. 
  1. What type of content you should create to raise awareness and create a buzz about your event (with examples!).   

About Nicola 

If you’d like to connect with Nicola, you can find her on LinkedIn, through the Lean In Newry website, or on Facebook 

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