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LinkedIn with Louise

Dec 2, 2019

When is the last time you updated your CV?
Is it worth getting your CV professionally written?
How is your LinkedIn profile different from your CV?

This week on the podcast, I interview CV writing expert Laura Harmsworth. With a degree in
geography and a career path that’s surprisingly similar to mine, Laura set up her business in 2012 to
help people write CVs that open doors. If you have years of experience and are struggling to decide
what to include on your CV, or if you’re ready to invest in having your CV professionally written,
Laura provides a fantastic face-to-face service and a quick turnaround.
You will learn…
1. Why you should always tailor your CV to the specific role you’re applying to (even when that
means leaving some information out!).
2. What recruiters and companies are looking for when screening your CV (and why you should
keep it as simple as possible).
3. How your CV is different from your LinkedIn profile and how you can use LinkedIn to
enhance the information you include in your CV.

About Laura
If you’d like to connect with Laura you can find her on her website and on LinkedIn.
Introducing the LinkedIn Power Hour
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I offer two types of LinkedIn profile reviews:

1) Get my feedback through a 20-minute video.
2) Upgrade to an additional 30-minute Zoom call to go through my comments and ask me
If you want my help with your headline and profile, I also offer a done-for-you service where I write the About section of your profile for you.
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