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Link in with Louise

Mar 13, 2024

Gus Bhandal, the founder of M Guru, a digital marketing agency in central England, shares his journey from studying marketing in 1996, through various roles and experiences, to starting his agency in 2017.


His unique approach to leveraging social media for business growth, especially LinkedIn, has positioned him as a go-to expert in the field (in Birmingham ;)) Gus discusses his pivot from running a popular pub to focusing on digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of social media in attracting customers. As the pandemic increased reliance on digital platforms, Gus's expertise in LinkedIn became highly sought after, marking his deep dive into the platform around 2020.


Throughout the conversation, Gus shares valuable insights on LinkedIn's power in building communities, personal branding, and the significance of attending industry events for networking.

He also touches on Uplift Live, an upcoming LinkedIn-focused conference he's co-organizing, designed to delve deep into effective LinkedIn strategies with top experts in the field.


**Key Takeaways:** - Gus Bhandal's rich background in marketing and his transition from hospitality to digital marketing.

  • The impact of the pandemic on the surge in demand for LinkedIn training.
  • - The essence of LinkedIn for professional networking and community building.
  • - The significance of attending industry events for personal and business growth.
  • - A preview of Uplift Live, the must-attend LinkedIn conference for deep strategic insights.


 **For More Information:**

To learn more about Gus Bhandal and his work, find him on LinkedIn or visit the M Guru website. 


For those interested in attending Uplift Live and possibly securing a discount, visit []( and mention being a friend of Louise. Join us in Birmingham on March 21st for Uplift Live for an immersive day of learning and networking with LinkedIn aficionados.