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LinkedIn with Louise

Sep 2, 2019

Why do we buy things? Is pricing always a deciding factor? 

Does how we phrase something or the colours we use on our website buttons matter? 

In this week’s episode, I interview Melina Palmer, who hosts The Brainy Business podcast. Melina has a Master’s Degree in Behavioural Economics and helps businesses to understand why people buy and how the brain makes decisions. Through her workshops, talks, and online courses, Melina teaches people how, by making small tweaks to your messaging, pricing, and products, you can increase leads and conversions. 

In this episode, Melina shares some of the key concepts of behavioural economics that she also unpicks and explains in her own podcast show – things like ‘framing’ or ‘nudging’. And to celebrate the launch of her first online course, Melina has kindly shared not one but two exclusive discount codes with the listeners of The Social Bee podcast and is giving us access to her first course module (all about mindset) for FREE! Just scroll down to find the relevant info and enjoy this episode. I hope you’ll find it as fascinating as I did! 

You will learn…

  1. Why the way you say something is so much more important than what you’re trying to communicate (and how knowing this can help you make more sales in your business). 
  2. How the subconscious brain works (and what it’s driven by), and why it’s responsible for making 99% of all decisions. 
  3. Why ‘familiarity’ is important and why you should think about different ways to say the same thing to your audience to help them take it in and accept it. 

More about Melina 

Melina’s podcast – The Brainy Business. In our interview, Melina specifically mentioned episode 61- Color Theory, where she talks about how Google tried several shades of blue for their buying buttons. Check it out! 

Melina’s website – The Brainy Business

Melina on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Melina is also launching her first online course on Pricing, which includes a live workshop on Zoom. The course starts on September, 9th 2019, and she’s kindly offered the listeners of The Social Bee podcast the following discount codes:

  • Use code BEE100OFF to get $100 off the online course PLUS workshop – buy here
  • Use code BEE50OFF to get $50 off the online course – buy here

You can also access the first module (on mindset) of Melina’s Pricing course for FREE – just click here to access it. 

Podcast episodes mentioned in this episode

Episode 73 – Selling through relationships with Nikki Rausch. 

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