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Link in with Louise

May 12, 2021

Have I got a treat for you this week! I’m so excited to share this week’s podcast where I catch up with the absolute queen of sales, Nikki Rausch.
Nikki is the founder of Sales Maven where she teaches tangible skills that, when you take action and implement them in your own business, will give you massive results. Not only is she a sales strategist, she’s also a successful author of multiple books, podcaster and founder of the online Sales Maven Society.
In this episode we talk about how to pick up buying signals before you get a sale, and the right (and very wrong – clue: don’t mention Darth Vader) ways to connect with your targets on LinkedIn.
Nikki is a real fount of knowledge for all things sales and being confident. We talk about how to be assertive (but not pushy) and even how to deal with the knock-backs. Here’s just a taste of some of the other advice she shares…
1.     How to be a resource to people and offer them real value
2.     The importance of ‘pre-framing’ a first video or face-to-face conversation
3.     Why you need to have pricing on your website
I hope you enjoy listening to this one.
About Nikki
You can find Nikki on LinkedIn or have a look at her website
Exclusively for listeners of this podcast, Nikki has also shared her new e-book ‘Closing the Sale’ which you can download here: