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Link in with Louise

Jun 10, 2020

How to connect with your ideal audience on LinkedIn, with Amy Grubbs
Who are you connected with on LinkedIn? Is your network made of people who you feel you can build relationships with and who understand you and your business?

Are you specific enough about who you connect and work with?

This week on the podcast, I interview Ottawa-based Amy Grubb. Amy is a commercial lawyer who primarily helps other lawyers build the boutique practice of their dreams through coaching,
consulting, masterminding, and community work.
After leaving the corporate world, Amy started an online business that slowly opened her eyes to a different way of networking and connecting with prospective clients.

When she started her own practice as a commercial lawyer, Amy tailored her services to entrepreneurs in the creative space.
But over time, she transitioned towards working with other lawyers, and specifically with solo and small firm lawyers, offering freelance help but also advice and support on how to market themselves and bring more clients into their business.

In this episode, Amy talks about her experience of focusing in on a specific target audience in her business and on LinkedIn. She shares how she’s been using the platform to connect with her ideal audience, and specifically with people she can engage and build connections with. If you’re using LinkedIn for business and feel your network does not reflect the type of people you’d love to
connect and work with, tune in to find out what worked for Amy and her business.

You will learn…
About the benefits of focusing in and making your offer crystal clear so you can attract more of your ideal clients – niching down makes it easier to market yourself and bring more leads and sales into your business!
1. What the ideal frequency for posting on LinkedIn is if your aim is to do business with
employers and corporates.
2. Why it’s important to be intentional in the type of network you create on LinkedIn (and any
other social media platform) – you are in control of your network and your social media experience.

About Amy
If you’d like to connect with Amy, you can find her on LinkedIn or on her website. You can also find her in her Facebook group: Solo/Small Firm Lady Lawyers.

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