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The Link Collective

Nov 9, 2023

YouTube and LinkedIn are such complementary platforms. One YouTube video can become so many different types of content, which makes it accessible to people throughout the world. In this episode, I’m speaking to Gillian Whitney, a live stream specialist, about the power and versatility of YouTube videos. We discuss the many benefits of creating videos on YouTube and how they can also benefit your LinkedIn presence.

The Benefits of YouTube Videos

  1. Free and accessible information for your audience.
  2. Building an audience and getting business leads
  3. Cross-post to other platforms.
  4. Populate your LinkedIn profile.

YouTube Videos are Multipurpose

Video content is one of the best forms of content you can make simply because it is so easily repurposed. A YouTube video can become multiple LinkedIn videos, a podcast, a blog post, and several short-form content pieces for other platforms. That’s the beauty of content – you can create something for every type of learning style, so everyone benefits from what you have to say.

The versatility is incredible, and everyone who has something to say should definitely show up on YouTube. Gillian says that everyone should claim their YouTube handle, as well, even if you’re just thinking about creating content. Claim your space!

LinkedIn is Like a Conference

I’ve recently hit one million views on my YouTube channel, which is amazing, and I think I need to start taking my channel seriously! If the amount of people connecting with me on LinkedIn and business enquiries coming through is anything to say, the potential for growth is exponential.

LinkedIn is like a conference. Your personal profile is you showing up at the conference and speaking to people. Your company page is the booth you have at the conference. And YouTube is the videos and proof you display at your booth. The synergy between the two platforms is perfect.

In This Episode

  • How to repurpose your YouTube content for maximum benefit and growth [9:00]
  • How YouTube videos benefit LinkedIn connections [10:45]
  • Why you need to treat LinkedIn like a conference [13:00]
  • The difference between your personal profile and a company page [13:30]
  • How to create content for different styles of learners [18:30]
  • YouTube’s accessibility for people throughout the world [25:15]
  • How to use YouTube videos on your LinkedIn profile [27:15]



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