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LinkedIn with Louise

Feb 18, 2019


Do you use LinkedIn for your business?

Are you at the stage in your business where the majority of your clients come from referrals and recommendations? 

Then you’re going to love this interview with Mindset Coach Jacqui Jagger. I first connected with Jacqui on LinkedIn, as it’s no coincidence, as a lot of Jacqui’s one-to-one clients also come from LinkedIn, either as direct connections or through referrals and recommendations from people who enjoy and engage with Jacqui’s content. In this episode, we talk about why certain marketing techniques may not be appropriate for you, depending on your business model and the stage of business we’re in. We also talk about the different types of coaching available to you and your business, and about how the intent we have as consumers when using social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can influence the impact that our content has on our ideal clients. 

You will learn…


  1. How different types of coaches can help you in different ways, and why it’s important to always choose the type of coaching that’s right for you at the stage of business you’re in. 
  2. How to build a network of supportive connections on LinkedIn that will generate recommendations and referrals for your business.
  3. Why it’s important to create and share content that resonates with your ideal clients and helps them feel a sense of connection with you. 

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