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Link in with Louise

Nov 25, 2020

Are you getting business through LinkedIn?

Do you enjoy using LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

IF you answer either of this with anything other than YES, then here are a few tips for you.

5 ways to get your basics right for LinkedIn

Is your network on LinkedIn?

When you are using social media to build your business, the biggest tip I can give you is to choose ONE platform. Decide where your ideal client spends most time, and start building your profile on that platform.

Facebook is great for B2C businesses, Instagram is good for ‘inspirational’ and shopping businesses. Twitter is super for sharing news, events and fast paced networking.

LinkedIn is GREAT for B2B. And people go to LinkedIn specifically to connect with their business network.

By trying to be on all the platforms, you either exhaust yourself, share the exact same content on all platforms or you build a small presence on each one rather than making a larger impact on the platform that will help you to grow.

Why should you not share the same content on each platform?

Check out the image above once more – if I am sharing content on FB it needs to fit in with the tone of that platform. I will write longer posts for LinkedIn that don’t make sense on Twitter. Also, when you see someone you follow who puts the exact same content on each platform, it makes you lose a little faith in them (or maybe that’s just me)

Have you filled out your LinkedIn Profile?

Please complete your LinkedIn Profile. Check out this blog on how to make sure you fill in the whole thing:

How to write a great LinkedIn Profile

Why does this matter?

The statistics on LinkedIn profiles are staggering:

When you add a professional photo to your profile you are 14 times more likely to have someone click on your profile

Updating your current position leads to 5 times more connection requests.

Having at least 5 relevant skills on your profile leads to 31 times more messaging requests.

Source – LinkedIn Official Blog

Keep access to your LinkedIn Profile

You can add in multiple email addresses to your LinkedIn account.

One of the most common issues I come across is when someone has more than one LinkedIn account and can’t access one of them.

Remember when you started work at that corporate job in your 20s and they made you sign up to LinkedIn? If you used your work email only, its quite likely you aren’t able to log in anymore. Here’s how to avoid this happening.

How to add a secondary email address:

  • Go to your account
  • Click on Settings and Privacy
  • Add your personal email address

What type of content do you share on LinkedIn?

The purpose of using LinkedIn is to raise visibility of your business. So your content should be showcasing your knowledge and expertise!

What type of content posts can you create on LinkedIn?

How to make sure you see content from the people you want to connect with

Be strategic – when you go to LinkedIn and view your newsfeed, make sure you comment on the posts from the people in your network that you want to see content from.

The algorithm will keep serving up posts from the connections you have ALREADY engaged with.

I also recommend you ‘unfollow’ those in your network that you don’t want to engage with.

Follow some of these basic steps and you will see an improvement not just in your LinkedIn newsfeed, but also in the types of connection requests you receive, and the return on time spent on LinkedIn.

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