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Link in with Louise

Feb 26, 2020

Do you sell online courses? Perhaps you’re running a challenge or offering a free PDF or a webinar to encourage people to sign up for your membership? 

Are you interested in finding out how you can replace your existing funnels with ‘conversational selling’ and increase your digital sales?

This week on the podcast, I interview Mike Kelly, CTO and Co-Founder of MemberVault, an easy-to-use resource hub that allows you to showcase your free offers and paid products in one place. Whether you offer digital products, courses, memberships, or one-to-one services, MemberVault helps you share your content and keep your followers engaged using gamification. 

In this episode, Mike gives us an insight into how the platform works, but also shares the story of how and why he and his wife Erin came up with the idea for this product. Using MemberVault allows you to qualify warm and hot leads within the platform and reach out to them individually, so you can go from ‘funnelling’ (a very seller-centric approach) to ‘serving’ (a more user-centric approach). If you sell digital products in your business (free or paid-for), and you want to find out about a different and more engaging way of selling, you won’t want to miss this episode! 

You will learn…

  1. Why having all your digital products in one place allows you to replace your existing sales funnels and increase your conversion rates. 
  2. Why you should qualify your warm and hot leads and reach out to them individually (Mike calls this ‘conversational selling’). 
  3. Why you should always listen to your users and create products or services that alleviates a pain point they are experiencing, rather than something that you (the business owner) want to build and sell.  

About Mike

If you’d like to connect with Mike, you can find him on LinkedIn

Try MemberVault for free

And if you would like to try MemberVault, you can use my affiliate link here. You can create a free account, join the helpful MemberVault Facebook group that Mike and Erin’s team run, and try out all the features before you buy. 

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