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Link in with Louise

Apr 15, 2019

Julie Tierney is a Divorce Solicitor, Head of Family Law at Edwards & Co. Solicitors specialising in separation and asset division.

Julie is recognised as a leader in her field in Family and Matrimonial Law in Chambers 2018:

“The “simply outstanding” Julie Tierney is recognised for her strong track record on divorce and ancillary relief applications. One client says: “She goes the extra distance to meet the realistic expectations of her clients. She is hard-working and exceptionally competent.”

I invited Julie onto the Social Bee podcast for a number of reasons – firstly we are friends (think that comes across pretty clearly!), but mainly because I see Julie using social media in a way that not many people in her profession are.

As part of the BelfastHour team at Edwards and Co, you will find Julie tweeting away every Thursday evening during this fast-paced Twitter chat for N.Ireland.

Julie also writes a blog (hallelujah… if you are not writing a blog yet, here’s Why you should be writing a blog ) and has an up to date LinkedIn profile.

Social media is not just for hanging out with your friends, or the remit of the small business owner/entrepreneur. There is a huge opportunity for professionals to raise their visibility online using social media and blogging. We talk about how Julie does this, how her career has gone to date, and about being a millennial…

Julie will be on the panel of speakers at our upcoming Social Media Bootcamp in Belfast on 31st May – tickets are on sale now and are moving fast, so why not join us for a day of getting your social media sorted too.