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LinkedIn with Louise

Jul 28, 2021

LinkedIn, networking and community

An early adopter of LinkedIn, Karen Tisdell recognised the platform’s potential when working as a recruiter. Foreseeing the importance of how business leaders are perceived online, Karen began her LinkedIn profile writing business. Now in her 12th year of business, Karen regularly facilitates LinkedIn training for some of the biggest companies in Australia. Her true love, however, is writing profiles for business owners. Located in Sydney, Karen asserts her family complains that her voice travels through walls and so given the challenge of time differences, she doesn’t work or connect with people located outside the Asia-Pacific region.  


Interesting facts about Karen - she loves collaboration and runs a regular Friday LinkedIn Live session with Michelle J Raymond - a company page specialist.

Karen loves LinkedIn personal profiles. They enjoy robust discussions on what LinkedIn strategies are best and 'compete' to add value to our audience. Check out the LinkedIn RoundUp with Raymond & Tisdell. 

Karen does not connect globally unless the person is also a LinkedIn trainer or LinkedIn expert.

Pick your Pond

We talk about the importance of 'picking your pond.'

You want a pond that's kind of connected to another pond, maybe there's a little stream connecting them. And you want to pick a pond and know where the big fish are, the ones that go through multiple ponds.

It's all about finding the right people. So pick your pond and and look at who's in the waterways near you and the other ponds and play in that.

We talk about how generous Karen is in business, sharing tips and opportunities to fellow trainers. 

Karen says she love connecting with people who do the same thing as she does. She thinks about

"who can I introduce this person to?"

"How can we grow great together?"

It's not about carving up the pie. It's about making your pie bigger.

Questions Karen asks her clients

In order to deliver an excellent service, there are a lot of questions asked including:

  • what do you do?
  • What's your process?
  • What's your call to action?
  • What do you want people to do when they hit your profile?
  • What is your objective?

We are more connected than our parents. We are far more connected than our grandparents. All the studies are saying that we know far more people. Yes.

Fact: the average American meets 80,000 people in their lifetime.

So, you know, LinkedIn is, it's really important. Because when you meet so many people, it's hard to stay front of mind. We each think that we're special and memorable. But to the other person, they're meeting so many other people as well!

So having a LinkedIn profile, makes you stand out that much more and a winning LinkedIn profile, really good profile converts.

To build trust, you need to be seen in three different places,

Somebody hears you on a podcast, and then they see you on a stage and then they write something.

Profile Writing Tips

Does your profile align with your goals for being on LinkedIn?

Does your background banner align with what you want to be known for.

For example - on your background you've got a picture of a beach. That tells us you want to be on holiday!

We love the beach, but on't have it in your background banner as that doesn't tell me anything about how you work with technology.

So think about your goal and make sure that you're putting that that strategic goal, that strategic intent, sort of all through your profile.

If you are ready to build the LinkedIn profile you deserve, get in touch.