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LinkedIn with Louise

Aug 4, 2021

On Air Coaching Call with Sally Davis Berry.

Sally has a few questions about how to leverage LinkedIn to be able to help more tourism businesses with her online library of training.

We talk about using LinkedIn events to host a free training webinar for her ideal clients, how to pitch during your webinar, while still giving a LOT of value to the attendees and how LinkedIn can help get your webinar out in front of more people.

If you would like to know the answers, then tune into the podcast today.

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Sally Berry is a U.S. tourism industry expert and has an industry blog at which helps attractions and destinations get more visitors through their doors. Berry has more than 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry and has received multiple awards for her expertise in the Group Tour Market.

Sally started in 2019 as an online course platform for tourism professionals. Her courses are popular with those new in the industry as well as long time veterans of Tourism.