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LinkedIn with Louise

Jun 3, 2019

Have you been thinking about organising your own event?

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make sure a conference-style event runs smoothly on the day?  

As you’re listening to this episode, mine and Ashleigh Watson’s first ever Social Media Bootcamp will have taken place in Belfast, at the iconic Titanic hotel. In this solo episode, recorded the day before the event, I run through what went into organising the bootcamp – from picking a venue to finding a printer for our fantastic workbooks and lanyards. But most importantly, I tell you more about the speakers, panel members, and the team involved behind the scenes and how I got to meet them all in person before asking them to be a part of the event. Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Social Media Bootcamp and a one-day Mastermind I’m organising later in the year. 

You will learn…


  1. What goes into organising a bootcamp-style event – from finding a venue to printing lanyards (and not forgetting those very important special touches!) 
  2. More about each of the speakers, panel members, and the team who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Social Media Bootcamp happen. 
  3. About the importance of attending events, making face-to-face connections and building relationships with other business owners, especially if you want to become a speaker yourself! 

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My monthly membership - The Social Bee Academy  

I run a monthly membership, The Social Bee Academy, where I can teach you how to raise your visibility online through social media, email marketing, podcasting, blogging, and much more. The first month is only £10 if you use code SOCIAL-BEE-TRIAL. After that, for only £30 per month, you get access to me and the rest of the community to ask for help with anything you need to grow your business online. 

If you’re in Northern Ireland, I also run regular workshops to help you use social media for your business, so keep an eye out on Eventbrite for any upcoming workshops you may be interested in.