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Oct 7, 2019

Celebrating episode 100 answering my listeners’ questions

What’s the story behind my business and my podcast name? 

Who’s my favourite podcast guest?

What tips would I share with someone starting a podcast? 

These are just some of the questions my listeners asked me in advance of my 100th episode. To celebrate, I answer these and more questions in today’s solo episode. So if you want to find out more about how I come up with topics, how I choose my guests, all the way to what microphone I use, this is the episode for you. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my listeners for their brilliant questions and to let you all know that I appreciate every single one of you listeners. From next week, you’ll see the podcast take a new direction as I continue to specialise in LinkedIn training. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for a new podcast name and tagline, get in touch – I love hearing from you!

You will learn…

  1. The story behind my business and podcast name and how I became a She Means Business accredited trainer for Facebook and Instagram (and the story of me being invited at 10, Downing Street). 
  2. My top tip on pitching yourself as a podcast guest to be on someone else’s show. 
  3. My top tips on starting (and running) your own podcast show.

Podcast episodes and guests I mentioned

Ep. 1 – Social Bee podcast episode 1 with Hannah Martin, Talented Ladies Club. 

Ep. 8 – Growing a business through your networks with Jennifer Corcoran, The Super Connector. 

Ep. 17 – Taking the next step – Entrepreneurship with Kate Erickson. 

Ep. 42 – Taking a Pilates class online with Louise Humphrey. 

Ep. 55 – How to build your brand through speaking events with Carol Cox.

Ep. 63 – Building your business online with Natalie Eckdahl. 

Ep. 66 – How to be a virtual assistant, with Catherine Gladwyn. 

Ep. 69 – John Lee Dumas on the power of connecting with your community. 

Ep. 85 - Batching your content writing and running your own business with Sara Bussandri.

Ep. 98 – Growing your business through podcasting with Colin Gray. 

Resources I mention in this episode

My podcast editor, Chris of ST Mastering. 

My show notes writer, Sara Bussandri.

My VA, Catherine Gladwyn of Delegate VA. 

Enterprise Nation. 

Want to work with me?

Get my help to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Check out my LinkedIn training and services on my Work with me page. I offer two types of LinkedIn profile reviews – get my feedback through a 20-minute video or upgrade to an additional 30-minute Zoom call to discuss my comments and ask me questions. And if you want my help in writing your headline and profile, I also offer a done-for-you service where I write the About section of your profile for you.

If you’d like more help on your LinkedIn strategy, you can work with me on a one-to-one strategy session. 

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If you’re in Northern Ireland, I also run regular workshops to help you use social media for your business, so keep an eye out on Eventbrite for any upcoming workshops you may be interested in. 

The Social Media Bootcamp – Content Marketing for Business. 17th October 2019, Belfast

Following the success of our first Social Media Bootcamp in May 2019 at the iconic Titanic hotel in Belfast, my friend and colleague Ashleigh Watson of Copper Square Communications and I are proud to announce that tickets for our second bootcamp-style conference are now on sale. The second Social Media Bootcamp is all about Content Marketing for Business and is taking place on Thursday, 17th October 2019 in Belfast. Here are some of our amazing speakers – go and check them out! 

Erin Thomas Wong, founder of Making Mumpreneurs. 

Alex Curtis, founder of The Lead Engine. 

Ian Anderson Gray, who was my guest on episode 91. 

More about me. 

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