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LinkedIn with Louise

Dec 27, 2017

Episode 14 - Marjorie Moore. Marjorie is the CEO of Minds Eye Radio, an Illinoisbased non-profit providing reading services for the visually impaired. Marjorie also hosts a podcast for other non-profits - she describes it as howto manage where people and mission meet. I learned a lot from Marjorie, and we had a lot...

Dec 18, 2017

Episode 12 - getting your business ready for 2018. How to review2017 and plan out your online marketing for the next year.   The importance of having a blog, growing your email list and how to plan out your content for the next year.  

Dec 11, 2017

Melissa runs two businesses - Campfire Communications and Glamoraks. CC helps small business owners to get clarity over what their business is. Who they want to sell to and what makes them different. Melissa has several offerings, from coaching and advising to writing web copy and producing press releases. Glamoraks is...

Dec 4, 2017

Episode 10.   Eimear Flanagan had a business idea but wasn't sure if it would fly.  So she took a low paying job as a tour guide on a city bus tour to learn the ropes and figure out a way to put her dreams into plans.  Eimear now runs independent walking tours on the north coast of Ireland.  If you love the...