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LinkedIn with Louise

Sep 25, 2018

Episode 49 - How to get started in podcasting. This week I am sharing a webinar that I recorded with KathyEnnis on how I got started in podcasting. From running through the tech set up, to how to grow the podcast, finding topics and guests and how to promote the finished...

Sep 17, 2018

Making your mark online - this week I have the delightful Martin Huntbach and Lindsay Cambridge from Jammy Digital on the podcast. With website tips, SEO low-down and the story of how they built their business together. You can visit Jammy Digital at

Sep 10, 2018

Ruth and her husband Dr Mark McCoubrey, run a facial aesthetics clinic in Bangor, N.Ireland. Ruth came on the podcast to find out how to grow their busienss by finding more clients and building a relationship with existing clients. We looked at the oeverall marketing of the business, and discussed how to create a...

Sep 3, 2018

Ben and I met when I was a guest on his podcast Master of Letters, and also because I am an avid fan of his software, MissingLettr. During our podcast chat, Ben and I talked about the Raising Your Visitiliby online summit - and Ben got some inspiration. Fast forward a few months, and Ben is hosting his own online...