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LinkedIn with Louise

Aug 26, 2020

I use a framework to help my clients use LinkedIn - this includes four pieces:


Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LInkedIn Network

Your LinkedIn Content

Your LinkedIn messaging strategy

These are all necessary parts of your strategy and all depend on each other.  To have a chat with me about how this works, go to Work with me...

Aug 14, 2020

Why use LinkedIn Polls?  This is one of my new favourite features on LinkedIn!

  • Polls are part of your 'create a post' options
  • They help you engage with other members
  • Ask for opinions
  • Find out what your audience REALLY wants to know about
  • Helps with identifying your content topics

Some Poll Basics:

Only the person who...

Aug 5, 2020

Have you ever thought about being a guest on someone’s podcast? Would you like to increase your visibility by sharing your expertise on someone’s show but aren’t sure about the best way to reach out to a podcast host? 

Then tune into this episode! 

This week on the podcast, I interview Julie Fry, who is the...