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Link in with Louise

Jun 3, 2020

On this week’s podcast, I interview Amanda Webb of Spider Working. We discuss the ‘Content gremlin’ – the little gremlin that sits on your shoulder and tells you to start creating content and sharing it all over the internet.

Amanda works with people who’ve got all those bits and pieces up and running, and I help them put that together into like a sales driven strategy.

They know that everything that they’re doing online is driving towards that end goal. It can be hard to do when you’re in it yourself because there’s so much going on. So a lot of the time, Amanda is telling people to quit doing things rather than telling them to do new things.

We streamline their processes, they make sales, and they never, they get rid of the content gremlin, and they never have the worry that they’re wasting time again.

Amanda Webb, Spiderworking

We talk about Amanda’s early career in the IRish Film industry and how that worked out (plus a common connection with an Irish movie!)

Amanda shares how consistently creating her weekly video show has led to her filling up her client base and how this one piece of content is chopped up and re-used across her social media channels.

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