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Mar 25, 2019

How to create more cash in your business, with Jessica Lorimer

Do you struggle with sales in your business?

Does selling make you feel manipulative? 

Then you’re going to love this podcast interview with Jessica Lorimer.

Jess works with female online entrepreneurs to help them enhance their sales processes, create more cash in their business, and make a bigger impact in the world by using simple sales techniques that feel enjoyable for them and for their customers. In this interview, Jess shares how in 2014, for the sake of her own health, she decided to leave behind her highly successful career in corporate sales. After working for years in a high-pressure, high-profile job that allowed Jess to travel the world, she set up her own business and discovered that her sales and leadership experience wasn’t just her talent but also what she needed to succeed at being her own boss.   

You will learn…


  1. Why it’s worth reframing the way you think about sales. 
  2. How selling is a combination of personal skills and style as well as learnt skills (and here’s a tip – if you like having conversations with people you’ll be good at selling!).  
  3. A 3-step process that will help you follow up with prospective clients you’ve had an initial conversation with (so you can build the relationship without feeling too uncomfortable!). 

More about Jessica Lorimer:

Jessica’s podcast – Smart Leaders Sell.  

Jessica’s website. 

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