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LinkedIn with Louise

Jul 15, 2020

How to tell your business story in the media with Amanda Berlin 

Do you struggle to explain what you do? Do you feel you’re not working with the right types of clients and would like to find more effective ways to be visible and reach out to your ideal customers? 

Then tune into this episode! 

This week on the podcast, I interview Amanda Berlin, who is a visibility and business consultant for entrepreneurs. Amanda works with clients on holistic visibility to help them grow their business and impact based on tactics employed during her 12 years in the corporate PR world, guiding strategy for major brands. Amanda and her clients have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and WNYW Fox 5 to She’s the host of The Empowered Publicity Podcast and loves arming soul-powered business owners with the ideas and skill-set they need to go from hidden industry gems to recognizable trusted experts. 

In this episode, Amanda shares her own journey from leaving the corporate world to setting up her own business with the purpose of making a bigger impact on people’s lives. Today, Amanda helps clients to form collaborations and alliances, build concrete and genuine connections, pitch to the media and employ the PR tactics that align with her clients’ individual business goals. If you’re interested in getting PR coverage for your business (whether it’s TV, radio, podcasts, online publications, national newspapers and magazines, etc.) and want to do that in a way that makes sense for you and your business, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! 


You will learn…

  1. Why it’s important to tell your business story in a way that interests and relates to your audience AND that is palatable to the media. 
  2. Why podcasts are the most effective media to generate a deeper connection with listeners or to get in front of a new audience. 
  3. Why you should always understand your business goals and create a strategy BEFORE you decide on what PR tactics to employ – different aims call for different platforms and different types of publicity! 

About Amanda

If you’d like to connect with Amanda, you can find her on her website – click on the Connect tab and you can send an email straight to Amanda’s inbox. And if you’re ready to make new profitable and meaningful connections, you can join Amanda’s FREE 5-day Connect Fest challenge. Over the course of 5 days, Amanda shares templates and ideas for emails to send to contacts you’ve lost touch with or to people you admire and want to build a connection with. 

You can also tune in to Amanda’s podcast – The Empowered Publicity

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