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LinkedIn with Louise

Feb 17, 2021

Angela Pitter from Boston is the owner of  Live Wire Collaborative. As a digital marketing strategist and advisor Angela works with small to mid sized businesses to help them unleash the power of social media. She aims to help them to connect, collaborate and convert their target communities on whichever social media platform is best for them.


Angela says when she is working with a client, she always think of think of it as a partnership. collaborating, rolling your sleeves up, and working together to get it done. And that's why she had to add the collaborative.


The company was founded in 2012.   After 20 years working in corporate tech, Angela got into digital marketing by default when she started to build brand awareness on Facebook as a member of her school board.


We talk about how Angela grew her business by hosting social media workshops,  is a member of her local Chamber of Commerce and how much we both believe in the power of networking.


We discuss how many people have a fear of using LinkedIn, but also, have so much content in their back pocket they could and should be sharing on LinkedIn.  E.g. white papers, presentations and blogs


Points include

  • How to tell your story on LinkedIn and relate it to your business. 
  • Using video on LinkedIn,
  • New features released in 2020, especially LinkedIn Events – listen out for Angela’s great tip for finding events to attend with your ideal audience on LinkedIn
  •  Why should you be using Company pages, not just for employees but also to drive attendance at your own LinkedIn Events.


Angela is a big fan of Clubhouse and we dive into how to get more out of that plus what is happening on Instagram and other social media platforms


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