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LinkedIn with Louise

Feb 3, 2021

How do you know if you are ready to invest in a coach or consultant for LinkedIn?

When you are struggling with what to say, how to use LinkedIn and need some accountability and support, maybe it is time to think about hiring a coach.

Six benefits to hiring a coach or consultant to help you with your LinkedIn this month?

  1.  It is hard trying to figure stuff out on your own

  2. You save time by bringing in someone who already knows how to use the platform

  3. It is much easier having someone help you understand how to write posts that get engagement and start conversations

  4. You get to plan what you are going to post about on LinkedIn without having to sit down and stare at a blinking cursor

  5. You can have someone else’s eyes on what you have already done, who knows what little tweaks and change can make a difference to your content

  6. Working with someone who specialises in using LinkedIn means they know what is working now - from new features to algorithm changes and updates, without you having to worry!